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Slasher Radio & the Silver Screen: When Podcast take on the Box Office: Can DC re-surge as a Horror Franchise?

Slasher Radio and its listeners are all about horror. From movies to books and everything in-between we as fans of the genre simply can’t get enough, and with the ushering of movies to hit the big screen this year I am truly excited. With titles like Us, Pet Sematary, and Happy Death Day 2U already […]


2018 Slasher Radio Recap

This year has been one HELL of a ride for Slasher Radio! As we settle in to the final days of 2018, I want to take a step back and reflect on all of the insanely admirable guests we’ve featured as well as the heavy hitting horror films we’ve covered. Sit back and reminisce with […]


Slasher Radio Updates: David Arquette, Pinhead, Blair Witch Co-Dir., Halloween holiday

Slasher Radio had one HELL of an October this year! Fresh off of our ONE YEAR anniversary with our “Tales from the Crypt” episode, we spoke with the 1996 film ” The Blair Witch Project” co-director, Eduardo Sanchez! There’s no denying that “The Blair Witch Project“‘s success made an impact on the genre for years […]

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