Campfire Tales Vol. 2 heats up with Mikey Bonez!

Rick and Ian’s “Into The Abyss” channel has been frightening viewers since December 2017 with videos and stories that are sure to keep you awake at night. They recently started a new series called “Campfire Tales” which features horror stories that are read by a hand selected group of folks for each episode. Along with the storytelling, Rick and Ian heighten the scares with animated videos that are full of eerie images that develop with story line.

The newest episode, “Campfire Tales Vol. 2” features one of our very own team members, Mikey Bonez! The story chosen for him is called “Darkness in the Rearview Mirror” via “Campfire Tales Vol. 2” also features our friends Donster the Monster from 12 Nights of Horror and Billy Crash from Crash Palace Productions!

Check out the full “Campfire Tales Vol. 2 video below:

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