Welcome to & thank you for visiting the NEW SLASHER RADIO WEBSITE!

We hope you enjoy our new setup here! Our last website was pretty much another source to listen to our episodes, but we are going to be bringing you MUCH more! Of course, you can still expect our weekly podcast show, but we’re adding a few NEW things with this relaunch! You can expect articles that will further detail each episode topic which gives you all something a little more tangible. We’ve already set up a LIVE! phone number to contact us at during recordings, and we’ll be adding a chatroom in the coming weeks. We also will be doing write-ups covering our movie parties when we stream a monthly horror flick and chat during the movie!

There will be a lot of changes coming to Slasher Radio and we hope you all enjoy the ride with us as we continue to branch out into bigger and better things. We’re all about our listeners and hearing from you is honestly the best part of what we do. We hope to continue to hear from all of you whether it is via email, Twitter, on Discord, at our stream movie parties or calling in LIVE! while we are recording to make you literally part of the show.

-Your Slasher Radio Crew