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Slasher Radio Updates: David Arquette, Pinhead, Blair Witch Co-Dir., Halloween holiday

Slasher Radio had one HELL of an October this year! Fresh off of our ONE YEAR anniversary with our “Tales from the Crypt” episode, we spoke with the 1996 film ” The Blair Witch Project” co-director, Eduardo Sanchez! There’s no denying that “The Blair Witch Project“‘s success made an impact on the genre for years […]


SR Recap: HIGH TENSION, Jason Statue Petition, 1 Yr Anniversary, & Michael Myers

October is finally here! That means, you can expect even more insanely good content here at Slasher Radio! Since our last update, we’ve covered “High Tension”, interviewed the creator of the Jason Voorhees statue in Arizona, celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary with “Tales from the Crypt”, and spoke with James Jude Courtney who plays Michael […]


Slasher Radio Updates: Tait Interview, HATCHET, SCREAM 4

We’ve been insanely busy here at Slasher Radio! We tackled a couple of double episode weeks recently and have been cooking up some horror entertainment heaviness that we’ll unleash for you all in the coming weeks. Since our last update with Javier Botet (Slenderman, The Conjuring 2), we were fortunate enough to have another killer […]

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